Empowering Creators

Behind the scenes of 'From the Veil', Rodric David poses in front of green screen with a knight and an orc
Thunder Studios CEO Rodric David on the set of ‘From the Veil’

The term content is broadly used in the entertainment industry to describe anything a consumer reads, views, plays, and engages with. Whether it is a blog post, short film, novel, or cute pet video, platforms exist for near seamless global distribution of that content to a potential audience. Distribution platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Music.ly, Periscope and big players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video survive and thrive because of the content they host and the audiences they engage. The content that powers audience engagement on these platforms is made by individuals and teams of individuals that we commonly refer to as ‘creators’.

Rodric David at Thunder Studios stairwell
Rodric David is the Chairman and CEO of Thunder Studios.

Thunder Studios seeks to empower creators regardless of the distribution platform they use and to assist them by providing tools and resources that improve the quality of the content they make. We are developing a community of creators to foster education and collaboration between creator groups. Thunder has a dedicated ‘Creator Space’ within the Thunder Studios campus that includes three stages, grip, lighting and electric equipment, sets and props, and offices that our creator community manages.

Our partner Geramark.TV has led the way in collaborating with other creators to make terrific and engaging content. Recently, Gearmark.TV teamed up with brothers Hudson and Brandon White, the creative force behind Buff Dudes, to produce the YouTube viral hit GYM WILDLIFE which received rave reviews from various publications from the Huffington Post to the Bleacher Report. It has received nearly 25 million YouTube views to date. On September 2, 2016 Gearmark.TV released the epic special effects laden short film FROM THE VEIL which was shot entirely on one of Thunder Studios’ Green Screen stages.

I believe that it is ultimately high quality content that will earn consumer viewing engagement and loyalty. Frankly, it takes a team’s blood, sweat, and tears to create great content. I encourage any aspiring content creators to view the behind the scenes videos of both Gearmark.TV and Buff Dudes to understand the scale of the commitment and passion required for creative teams to make their art. Thunder Studios seeks to empower and support the creator community and help develop the skills from which long lasting careers are built.