JAN 21′ | A Year in Review: Safety, Streaming, and Exceptional Service.


A Year in Review: Safety, Streaming, and Exceptional Service.

In 2020 Thunder Studios was quick to follow all protocols provided by local, state, and nation-wide officials to keep clients and guests safe as we faced an unprecedented global pandemic.

Rebel Wilson on set, 2021

Rebel Wilson on set, Jan 2021

The entertainment industry was impacted in a major way, all but short of bringing production work to a full stop. Thunder wasted no time, and with the dark days on set adapted to the changes in the anticipation that productions would resume again with safety as the priority. Through physical studio renovations, updated studio policies and procedures, the hiring of a CCO (Covid-Compliance Officer), and the addition of P.P.E. (personal protection equipment) to the expendables store to be available on-site along with on-site COVID-19 testing, our due diligence has paid off. Clients have been quick to praise (and share) the safety they feel on set, and in a period of uncertainty Thunder is quickly becoming a top choice for productions.

Streaming: NYE Cyberwurld

On NYE Thunder produced its first full-scale, livestreamed virtual music festival. Headlined by Playboi Carti, the new wave – punk – hip-hop genre bending bill was filmed on-site and included top up and coming artists $NOT, Tokyo’s Revenge, Jasiah, Popp Hunna, ILYTOMMY, Lil Eazzy, BKTHERULA, Sparoh, and Ken Car$on. The goal: to bring music lovers together through an immersive cyber experience. Viewers had the option to watch directly from cyberworld.com or through the host site, Thunder Studio’s official channel on Twitch (@thundergamingla). The stream went viral – and at a C7 metric of 2.2M destroyed the sum of Twitch’s Music genre metrics for the month.

Gridiron Gaming: #SmashBowl


Gridiron Gaming, powered by the Pro Football Retired Players Association provides retired NFL players opportunities to compete again, while giving fans a chance to engage with their heroes. The organization creates interactive, family-friendly experiences for people of diverse ages and backgrounds, bridging the gap between traditional sports and esports. Last November Thunder partnered with Gridiron Gaming to produce #SmashBowlMMXXI, a weekly streamed series hosted on Thunder’s Twitchchannel with $100K in cash prizes.

Twitch ‘FanAntics’

To kick off 2021 Thunder partners with Twitch Sports for the ‘FanAntics’ series, produced by Thunder and filmed in part in the Broadcast studio (Stage 6). The series creates a unique viewing experience of NFL by making the audience the star of the show, unlike anything out there. Patching in anumber of favored Twitch streamers throughout the stream, every person watching is encouraged to be as interactive as possible throughout these games by letting (and showing) everyone their thoughts and opinions. As aspecial treat the stream is joined by two experts: Former NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer in studio with current Washington football team quarterback Kyle Allen patched in.

Exceptional Service: Catering Revamped

Last year we made some changes to ensure both the safety of our guests and the satisfaction that comes with our food made in-studio. We provide exceptional services from our on-site catering kitchen to our boutique over the counter café and *new* craft service bar, located in the Great Hall infront of Stage 1. Highlighting local Long Beach artisanal coffee, beverages and organic produce, we personally source all meat, seafood and produce from select local markets and vendors.

Don’t miss out on our catering helmed by Chef Pek who is known to catch the fish himself, and our newly appointed Pastry Chef Erika, who is always creating something sweet, unique and delicious to stock up the craft service station and cafe when she’s not busy baking fresh bread for our catered meals.

Production Catering redefined. Crew eats best when #ThunderCaters

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