The Mango Comes to Thunder Gaming

Thunder Gaming hosted 2 major weekend events this month. March has been filled with a Call of Duty tournament and The Mango: A Super Smash Bros. melee tournament series. We have also expanded our team here at Thunder Gaming while simultaneously acquiring new gaming chairs from Technisport.

[Photo Credit: Lucy Rocha]


The Mango

With our partner, 2GGaming, we hosted The Mango, a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament with over 650 attendees. The event’s singles champion was Swedish Delight, followed by Kalamazhu and Syrox in Melee Singles. In doubles the winner was Syrox and Westballz. In second came Captain Faceroll and CDK. In third came S2J and Shroomed.

[Photo Credit: Javier Leyvas]


Call of Duty Tournament

Thunder Gaming’s inaugural Call of Duty tournament saw over 100 attendees. Participants showed up with 4 or 2 person teams. There were 22 teams of 4v4 and 8 teams of 2v2. The tournament’s champion was Mazer Gaming.

[Photo Credit: Lucy Rocha]

We also secured a partnership with Technisport for our gaming chairs.


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