The Backlot: Tyga Test Drives My Tesla

Before filming with Justin Bieber in November 2013, Tyga took my new Tesla for a spin.


Tyga's Mercedes Benz SLS AMG out front of Thunder Studios before trying out Rodric David's Tesla
Tyga arrives at Thunder Studios in a rose gold, Gullwing Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

It was November 2013 when Tyga and Justin Bieber headed down to Thunder Studios to film the video for their single “Wait for a Minute”. The studio phones started running hot that morning after the “Beliebers” caught wind the video was being shot that day in So Cal. We had to employ extra security guards just to keep the fan girls from climbing over the studio fence. Tyga arrived in a head turning Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and you couldn’t miss the custom wrap in rose gold. The glimmering “Gullwing” actually features at the end of the video.


Tyga and Rodric David pose for a picture together behind the scenes at Thunder Studios
November 2013: Tyga and Rodric David at Thunder Studios

Despite Tyga’s well known passion for exotic cars, he was actually fascinated by my original Tesla P85, one of the few performance model Ps on the road back in 2013. I guess the concept of a car with no engine going 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds was just too intriguing. During a break in filming, he asked if we could give the Tesla a little road test in the Thunder backlot. We pushed that brutally fast off the line acceleration and ended up performing some Tesla doughnuts much to the amusement of the extras on set. Another one of those “only in LA” moments!